What to do when you get pulled over.

1)    Keep your hands on the steering wheel until the officer arrives to speak with you or otherwise instructed.  Quick suspicious hand movements make an officer nervous.  Even though you may be looking for your license, the officer doesn’t know that.  This will quickly make the contact more comfortable for both parties.
2)    Provide your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance upon request.
3)    If an officer needs you to step out of your car or gives you another order, for his/her safety and  yours you must comply. It can be more serious resisting an officer’s order than what you got pulled over for.

At this point this is where you determine what happens next.

4)    If you are asked to provide additional information other than your name and date of birth you are not required to tell them where you were going, where you coming from and how much you have had to drink.
5)    You do not have to blow into the PAS device unless on probation or under 21.
6)    You do not have to casually look into the officer’s direction to look at his fingertip that you find so fascinating only to display your eyes while you breath on him.
7) You have the right to remain silent even before you are placed under arrest as to information that may incriminate you. The protection against self-incrimination and Miranda rights do not apply until you are being questioned by a law enforcement officer during a detention. If you decide to run your mouth and the officer hasn’t asked you any questions this all may be admissible.

CAVEAT: The above advice is given to California residents who are not on probation and above the legal drinking age of 21.

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