Dear Late Night Social Drinking Butterflys (Or just Mom Girl’s Night Outers),

I often get hit up for bits of advice of what to do if pulled over after a long night of binge drinking. After scolding them on the dangers of drinking and driving I share my advice that isn’t necessarily legal.

I joke but I have made a credible offer to people, if they want to continue to party into the early morning hours and need a ride home, I would gladly pick them up anytime, anywhere for the next 3 years for a small fee of $5,000.  You may think this is an enormous amount of money. It is, but that is what a DUI will cost you in money, time going to classes and community service, suspended license and possible loss of a job.  I got kids now so rather than myself picking you up, I would send you your own driver who likes to stay up late at night shuttling drunks around. My driver would come from  If you don’t take me up on my offer to pick you up at least give these guys a call at 760-383-1717. They can not only take you home but 9 more of your friends and the people you just met leaving the bar at closing time for an after party.

If you really want to be smart and preplan your night give them a call before you go out, that way you don’t have to leave your car in a 2 hour zone that you have to pick up by 8 AM Saturday morning with a hangover.

Happy Responsible Drinking,

David J. Ruyle, Jr.

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