Legal Fees

Most Commonly Requested DUI Representation – $1750

We are able handle everything for you, from your DMV Hearing up through trial.  The $1750 includes your arraignment, DMV hearing, readiness conferences and settlement negotiations with the prosecutor including change of a plea. All misdemeanor DUI cases can be handled in your absence. Your case can remain discreet, you don’t have to miss work or go through the embarrassment of appearing before the court.

If you are already in the process, or, need help with only pieces of your case we offer the following A La Carte pricing:

  • Request for DMV Hearing plus DMV Hearing – $300
  • Discovery Request , Review and Meeting with Client- $600
  • Arraignment  / Trial Readiness Conference (TRC) / Plea Bargaining with Prosecutor /Review of Offer- $1500
  • Plea Bargain – $450 if on a separate day from initial readiness conference
  • Trial will cost $1000 a day.
  • Trial: A typical DUI trial can take from three days to a week.  This will have to be paid on an hourly basis.  The rate is $300 an hour.  You need to take into consideration that most cases do not go to trial unless you have a significant issue of fact that must be presented before the court that will determine your innocence or guilt.
  • A review of your case and a one-time appearance will cost you $900.  If you choose to retain beyond the initial appearance it will be discussed at that time.

Expungements /  Early Termination of Probation – $750

If you are working toward getting a job it may be difficult to get one if you have a felony or misdemeanor on your record.  The courts will expunge your record if you can establish that you have grown from your experience and improved your life.  Furthermore, formal probation can cost you in the thousands of dollars.  If  you terminate probation the cost stop adding up.

This includes meeting with you, drafting the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the court and one court appearance.

Private  Investigator

A private investigator can be extremly helpful in revisiting  accident or crime scenes and interviewing witnesses.  A PI can also help save you in costs.  A PI’s rate averages $75 to $150 an hour.


Chapter 7 – $1000 to $1750 plus filing fee of $306
Chapter 13- $2250 plus filing fee of $281


Payments and credit cards are accepted for various services.