An expungement can clear legal convictions from a person’s criminal record. After a certain amount of time, a person has the right to file a petition to have their misdemeanor or felony removed from their criminal record.

In order for an expungement to happen, a legal petition must be filed with the court where the person’s conviction took place. This legal action is a request to have the conviction removed or cleared from the person’s criminal record. This process usually clears minor convictions and misdemeanors, and involves a very short turn around (approximately 2-4 weeks) in California.

California Criminal Record
If you have a criminal record in the state of California, you will face various limitations throughout your life. Criminal convictions in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County, can adversely affect your employment, housing, and education opportunities. Convictions may also affect your right to vote, obtain professional licenses, and even your ability to secure student or bank loans. This is why it is important to file a petition for expungement with the state of California. Expungement is inexpensive and eliminates many future obstacles.

Southern California Expungement Attorney
When you decide to petition for an expungement in Southern California, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney who is familiar with expungement laws.