Bankruptcy – Credit Counseling Certificate

In most cases you need to acquire a Credit Counseling Certificate that accompanies your Bankruptcy Petition.  This can be acquired by taking a course online. I have referred many clients to DebtorCC. They do good work for a good price. … Continue reading

Petition to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor Per Penal Code 1170.18(f) – Proposition 47

  A person convicted of the following offenses in California as felonies may petition the court to reduce their conviction to a misdemeanor: 1) Shoplifting up to $950 2) Forgery up to $950 3) Insufficient Funds up to $950 unless … Continue reading

Updates to the California Penal / Health and Safety Code 2014

POSSESSION OF CRACK COCAINE FOR SALE: SB 1010: Changes the penalty for H&S Code 11351.5 from 3, 4, or 5 years county jail to 2, 3, or 4 years.  “This act shall be known, and may be cited, as the California … Continue reading

How to fight a traffic ticket.

Have you recently received a traffic ticket and want to challenge it? It is very possible but not as easy as you think. If you want to fight it you have to pay the “bond” or the cost of the … Continue reading

Can my driver’s license be suspended for not paying court fines?

The simple answer is YES! So why is this and what do you do about it? You have a limited time handle your ticket. The court will order a fine. This fine must be either paid in full or worked … Continue reading

Question for the California Franchise Tax Board?

With budget cuts and the voluminous calls going to the Franchise Tax Board I have found that going to their website and accessing their live chat I got an immediate response during normal business hours. Go to Hope this was … Continue reading

Recent Case Law on the issuance of CCWs. (Concealed Carry Weapon License)

Below is a link to the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeal opinion on the issuance of “CCWs”. In summary, the county sheriff’s in California have been the issuing party and each county has various guidelines when applying for a … Continue reading

Confused about the terms of your DUI Probation with the Court and the DMV in California?

In case you were wondering what you can and cannot do while on probation for DUI I am hopeful this helps. There are many condition such as pay fines, go to DUI classes, MADD, and AA but the one the … Continue reading

Can I get a DUI while sleeping in my car?

This question comes up more often than not. The reason why it does is police frequently arrest people that are sleeping in their car and intoxicated. The answer is a simple no. Before you click away you need to take … Continue reading

Don’t count on the other driver’s insurance to make you whole.

While representing many clients that are charged with DUI there is a side that often goes misunderstood and becomes the topic of conversation if an accident is involved. That topic is Insurance Coverage. As you hopefully know that you are … Continue reading

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