Confused about the terms of your DUI Probation with the Court and the DMV in California?

In case you were wondering what you can and cannot do while on probation for DUI I am hopeful this helps. There are many condition such as pay fines, go to DUI classes, MADD, and AA but the one the … Continue reading

Can I get a DUI while sleeping in my car?

This question comes up more often than not. The reason why it does is police frequently arrest people that are sleeping in their car and intoxicated. The answer is a simple no. Before you click away you need to take … Continue reading

Legal Fees in Comparison

According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs the average cost for legal fees is $2500. I happen to agree with this but I still charge much lower. Check out my fees page.    Their estimate for a DUI … Continue reading

DUI Program Info

There are 472 DUI programs that provide first and/or multiple-offender program  services throughout California’s  58 counties.  I have a client attending the ECS Accord DUI Program in San Diego on El Cajon Blvd. near 70th Street.  It is a quick … Continue reading

5 Days Work Service for DUI

Often wonder what it takes to be required to to Work Service? If your BAC is more than double the legal limit, .16, you will be required to do work service.  This is not community service at your local church … Continue reading

Why should I plea guilty?

There are numerous reasons why to take a plea bargain and here is a few. 1)     You get on with your life and learn from your mistake. 2)     You won’t feel the uncertainty of something going wrong and going to … Continue reading

What is the typical court indicated sentence for a first time DUI?

I have an idea but to be honest without being retained, I can’t give all my knowledge away for free. You can come in and we can talk about your case for an hour and you can take my advice … Continue reading

Are there alternatives to going to jail?

Yes, you can request work release, house arrest, alcohol bracelet monitoring, weekend work furlough. In my opinion, with private counsel who has time to evaluate your needs a more feasible resolution can be worked out.

Are their different alcohol programs ordered by the court?

Upon conviction you will ordered to attend a alcohol program.  These are known as AB541 and SB38. The fines are about the same but the two main differences are possible jail time and the alcohol program.  For first time offenders … Continue reading

Can I get a restricted license?

The answer is yes but as your question implies it is restricted.  The court will issue you a restricted license for work, school or to attend your court ordered alcohol programs.

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