I often tell friends that are charged with a crime, “I will give you my opinion and what you should do for free, but if you choose not to follow it then you have to pay me.” I have seen the effect free advice has made on many people. So many people choose to not follow free advice provided by a professional and follow the advice of their friends who went through a similar experience. Free advice is available everywhere, I hear the “I talked with my attorney friend and he told me…” story all day long.

Get your facts straight from a professional by scheduling an appointment at your convenience. Take the time, retain counsel, sit down and get YOUR story worked out. When an attorney is retained by a client, the client and the attorney can identify the scope of the attorney-client relationship. If you are uncertain as to what your attorney is to do for you, you should ask for clarification. The scope will finally be laid out in a retainer agreement. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take all day.

In closing, I would like to leave with an adage that is wise to follow for both attorney and client. “A person that requires convincing can be just as easily convinced otherwise” With my services and advice you will be able to make an informed decision to give you peace of mind that you can live with.