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David J. Ruyle, Jr. is a proud native of San Diego, California. In 1998 Mr. Ruyle hereceived his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Baylor University. Mr. Ruyle received his Juris Doctor degree from Trinity Law School in 2001. He started practicing law in 2004 with his brother and father. He spent time working in many areas of law from civil litigation to bankruptcy.

He soon realized he had a calling to work in the area of criminal justice.  That calling started with the attendance and completion of a California POST Police Academy at Southwestern College in 2007.  Shortly thereafter he used his experience by becoming an adjunct professor at Westwood College and University of Phoenix for their Criminal Justice Departments.

He is currently a member of the San Diego County Bar Association and a California Bar Exam tutor.  After becoming a sworn California Peace Officer in 2010 he has been able to observe firsthand the criminal elements of San Diego County and work to preserve the peace.   He represents and has appeared throughout southern California in both misdemeanor and felony matters.

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